New and Used Metal Fabrication Equipment and tooling equipment.

Bixby Machine has been supplying the public and various companies all over the U.S. with metal fabrication tools since 1946. Passed down from Stan Bixby to now it’s 3rd generation and still in the family.


Twist Drill Stets
Flute Countersink Sets
Collet Set

Precision Matters In Many Industries


The medical industry relies on customized, quality products to fit the many needs of its patients


Similar to the petrochemical industry, the defense sector uses parts that need to be rugged enough for even the harshest environments. The military has strict regulations set forth by the government.


Many similar components created for the aviation industry, such as engine parts, may also make their way into items used in the transportation industry

And So Many More

Machining used for many different types of devices
Also for but not limited to
Metal Tools